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Aquila Non Capit Muscas

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+/- 3 troy ounces

999 fine silver

antiqued finish



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"Aquila non capit muscas," a Latin expression translating to "The eagle does not catch flies," encapsulates a profound philosophy that resonates with discernment, focus, and a refusal to be distracted by trivial matters. This timeless phrase, rich in metaphorical significance, serves as a source of inspiration and contemplation.

The imagery of an eagle, a majestic and powerful bird of prey, refusing to engage with insignificant prey such as flies, speaks volumes about the concept of selective attention and maintaining a keen focus on what truly matters. In a broader sense, this phrase encourages a mindset that prioritizes the pursuit of substantial goals and aspirations, steering clear of the mundane distractions that can hinder progress.

The Aquila non capit muscas philosophy is a reminder of the importance of staying true to one's purpose, avoiding unnecessary detours, and soaring to greater heights with a sense of purpose and clarity. It embodies the essence of discernment, urging individuals to rise above the minutiae of life and set their sights on the grander, more meaningful aspects of their journey.

Whether applied in personal growth, professional pursuits, or as a guiding principle for decision-making, the wisdom within Aquila non capit muscas invites contemplation and encourages individuals to cultivate a mindset that aligns with their aspirations, fostering a life marked by purpose, focus, and the pursuit of excellence.


*due to the nature of closed cast items. the weight will fluctuate slightly. this means sometimes weight can be slightly higher or slightly lower depending on each individual cast

Additional information

Weight 3.25 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 2.5 × .25 in

2 reviews for Aquila Non Capit Muscas

  1. Boardpow (verified owner)

    Another stunner by Reckless Metals!

  2. dyson1741

    May be my favorite pour yet

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