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Asylum Door

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999 fine silver

antiqued finish


mintage: 350

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In the heart of a world marked by societal judgments and prejudices, there existed a place known as the Reckless Asylum. However, its purpose was not to celebrate the uniqueness of those within its walls but to rehabilitate those deemed "Savages" by society. This asylum was a controversial institution, surrounded by whispered tales of those who entered its gates and the mysteries that shrouded its methods.

The Savages were people who, according to the judgment of the ordinary world, displayed reckless behavior. They were individuals whose actions and choices deviated from societal norms, earning them the label that cast them aside. Rather than being embraced, they were sent to the Reckless Asylum for rehabilitation, a place where unconventional methods were employed to reshape their ways.

The asylum itself was a massive compound, surrounded by towering walls and guarded by enigmatic figures in dark robes. The air within crackled with an oppressive energy, and the corridors echoed with the sounds of distant cries and eerie whispers. The inhabitants of the asylum underwent a strict regimen of behavioral correction, where their every move was monitored and controlled.

At the helm of the institution was the Enforcer, a stern and imposing figure whose authority was absolute. The Enforcer believed in the necessity of breaking the spirit of the Savages to mold them into compliant members of society. Rehabilitation, in their eyes, meant stripping away the recklessness that society deemed undesirable.

One day,a  young man found himself within the cold embrace of the Reckless Asylum. Accused of defiance and labeled a Savage, he entered the foreboding gates with trepidation. As he navigated the routines and strictures, Steven discovered a hidden resistance within the asylum's walls.

A group of fellow Savages, secretly defying the Enforcer's regime, sought to reclaim their individuality. Together, they discovered the true purpose of the Reckless Asylum – not rehabilitation but suppression of uniqueness. They formed a clandestine alliance, vowing to resist the oppressive methods and regain their freedom.

As the resistance grew, whispers of rebellion echoed through the halls. The Savages, once broken and subdued, found strength in unity. Steven emerged as a charismatic leader, rallying his fellow inmates against the Enforcer's iron grip.

The rebellion reached its climax in a daring escape attempt. The Savages, armed with newfound resilience, confronted the Enforcer and the institution's guards. A fierce battle ensued as the Savages fought for their right to be different.

In the end, the walls of the Reckless Asylum crumbled, both physically and metaphorically. The Savages, once confined and labeled reckless, reclaimed their identities. They scattered into the world, leaving behind the shadows of the asylum.

The tale of the Reckless Asylum became a cautionary story, a reminder that true rehabilitation should embrace diversity rather than suppress it. The Savages, once condemned, became the symbols of resilience and the triumph of individuality over conformity.


*due to the nature of closed cast items. the weight will fluctuate slightly. this means sometimes weight can be slightly higher or slightly lower depending on each individual cast

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Weight 3.75 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × .25 in

2 reviews for Asylum Door

  1. James Walker (verified owner)

    This is a door we must all have to pass through. Get yours before they are sold the fuck out!

  2. mrbozwell (verified owner)

    Awesome Piece with Reckless logo! One of my favorites!

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