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Embrace The Shadows

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Set includes:

(1) 1 troy ounce antiqued rolo

(1).25 troy ounce proof round


mintage: 250

999 fine silver

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Set includes a 1 troy ounce antiqued rolo and a .25 troy ounce proof round. mintage of only 250 sets. these both come with a protective capsule.


**Embrace the Power and Peril of the Shadows**

"Choose wisely, for the darkness always collects its due," serves as a reminder that every decision carries consequences, especially when navigating life's more complex and morally ambiguous paths. By embracing the shadows, you unlock untapped potential and strength. However, it's crucial to proceed with wisdom, as these shadows hold both great power and significant risk. This philosophy empowers you to harness this duality, guiding you through the darkness with confidence and clarity. Discover the perfect blend of insight and caution, and make every choice count.

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Weight 1.50 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × .50 in


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