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Hoc Est Futurum

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5 troy ounces

999 fine silver

antiqued finish


mintage: 500

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Introducing "Hoc Est Futurum" - A Visionary Silver Tale

Step into the extraordinary with our latest creation, the Hoc Est Futurum pressed silver bar—a compelling fusion of craftsmanship and narrative. Immerse yourself in the substantial elegance of 5 troy ounces of 999 fine silver, adorned with an image that transcends the conventional boundaries of precious metal art.

At the core of Hoc Est Futurum lies a captivating tableau: a skeletal figure intricately entwined with biomechanical tubes and gadgets, cradling a ram skull in its lap. The striking amalgamation of organic remnants and futuristic machinery paints a vivid portrait of a dystopian future, where the distinction between man and machine becomes indistinct.

Yet, amid this somber vision, the ram skull emerges as a symbol of strength and determination. Revered for centuries for its associations with courage and resilience, the ram's head serves as a visual expression of inner strength, resonating with those who embody tenacity and fortitude.

Crafted with meticulous detail, each Hoc Est Futurum bar not only encapsulates the essence of a foreboding future but elevates the ram skull to a unique status—a symbol of enduring strength in the face of adversity. The 999 fine silver provides a fitting canvas, ensuring that every nuance of the design is etched with precision and care.

This limited edition pressed silver bar invites collectors, enthusiasts, and those captivated by the fusion of art and precious metal to delve into a narrative that extends beyond the surface. Claim a piece of the future and celebrate the enduring spirit of strength and determination with Hoc Est Futurum—a catalyst for conversation, a symbol of resilience, and a distinctive addition to your collection. Though the future may appear bleak, within it lies a testament to unwavering courage.

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Weight 5.25 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 2.5 × .25 in

2 reviews for Hoc Est Futurum

  1. mrbozwell (verified owner)

    This is a beautifully crafted piece of art! You'll find nothing like it anywhere else.

  2. mrbozwell (verified owner)

    One of my most favorite pieces! No one else on the planet creates the unique art like Reckless Metals ✨️

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