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Memores Acti prudentes Futuri

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+/- 2.9 troy ounces

999 fine silver

Antiqued skull with gunmetal crow



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The choice of a raven perched atop a skull to symbolize "Memores acti prudentes futuri" is a symbolic representation. The raven, often associated with wisdom and intelligence in various cultures, serves as a metaphor for the mindful reflection encouraged by the quote. Ravens are known for their keen observational skills, and in this context, they signify the importance of being attentive to past experiences.
The skull, a universal symbol of mortality and the passage of time, adds depth to the symbolism. It serves as a reminder of the inevitability of the past and the impermanence of life.
The raven's watchful presence on the skull signifies the wisdom gained from acknowledging and contemplating the experiences encapsulated within the skull's metaphorical representation of time passed. Together, they form a powerful visual metaphor, urging individuals to be both mindful historians of their past and wise architects of their future.
*due to the nature of closed cast items. the weight will fluctuate slightly. this means sometimes weight can be slightly higher or slightly lower depending on each individual cast

Additional information

Weight 3.25 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2 × .25 in

7 reviews for Memores Acti prudentes Futuri

  1. James Walker (verified owner)

    Maybe my all time favorite one yet. One fucking awesome piece added to my stack!

  2. Alex Hopkins

    Reckless sandcasts are quickly taking over my stack and this is one of my favorites. Awesome work, keep them coming!

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great work of art. Much better in hand than the photo. Love it.

  4. joshvanscoy (verified owner)

    favorite piece in my collection so far. So much detail with crisp edges and toned perfectly, the crow looks like a completely different pour .

  5. $ilverBitz (verified owner)

    Awesome details sick!

  6. Zand Pfarr (verified owner)

    This is definitely one bar that will always remain in my stack. If you haven't bought one yet, make sure to do so as they're fire in person

  7. dyson1741

    Reck you’ve done it again!! Phenomenal

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