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Queen of the Damned

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2 troy ounce

999 fine silver

antiqued finish


max mintage: 500

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In a mystical, unnamed land, a realm once teeming with life and magic, a shadow looms large. The Queen, celebrated as the beacon of hope and prosperity, now stands as the central figure in its darkest chapter. Her transformation into the Queen of the Damned was neither a choice nor a chance occurrence but a tragic consequence of a curse that has plagued her lineage for centuries. The story begins at the turning point of her reign, as the once-vibrant fields wither under an unending eclipse, a testament to the curse’s merciless grip.

The curse's origins trace back to a Reckless Metals silver pour, an object of immense allure and mystery. This artifact, crafted in a time forgotten and imbued with ancient magics, was believed to possess the power to protect the realm from any harm. Yet, it was also foretold that its boon could turn to bane if wielded without heed to the ancient warnings. In a desperate attempt to shield her people from an impending doom, the Queen sought out the silver pour, disregarding the ominous lore that surrounded it. Upon her interaction with the artifact, the curse within it awakened, ensnaring her very essence. This silver pour, so seemingly benign in its gleaming beauty, became the source of her transformation, swift and harrowing, casting the kingdom into a state of fear and disarray as their once protector became the epitome of their nightmares.

Under the Queen's cursed reign, the transformation of the land was profound. The once lush and vibrant realms turned barren, cloaked in a never-ending twilight. Its people, stripped of hope, dwindled into mere shadows of their former selves. Amidst this desolation, a resistance arose, spearheaded by a figure of great valor, a warrior once in the Queen’s inner circle of trust. This band of rebels held onto a sliver of hope that the Queen’s true self, her humanity, might still exist beneath the layers of dark enchantment. The kingdom found itself torn, caught between those who held onto hope for their Queen’s redemption and those who viewed her as the herald of their ultimate ruin.

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Weight 2.25 oz
Dimensions 1 × .75 × .25 in


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