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Regal Requiem

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999 fine silver



max mintage: 500

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Introducing "Regal Requiem," a limited edition 999 fine silver bar that merges the time-honored allure of precious metal with the mystique of ancient regality. With a mintage strictly limited to 500 pieces, each bar is a unique testament to the art of sand casting and design.

Each one of these pours is meticulously crafted through a traditional sand casting process, where molten silver is hand-poured into carefully prepared sand molds. This age-old technique ensures that no two bars are identical, with slight variations that imbue every piece with its own distinct character.

The centerpiece of this stunning bar is a high-relief depiction of a solemn skull crowned with a majestic diadem, symbolizing the eternal dance between power and mortality. The crown stands as a tribute to the regal splendor of bygone eras.

In an exquisite finishing touch, the bar has been intentionally antiqued to instill an aged patina, enhancing the depth and texture of the design. This deliberate antiquing process highlights the contours of the crown and the hollows of the skull.

The "Regal Requiem" is not merely a bar made of fine silver; it is also a collector's piece and a conversation starter. It arrives encased in protective packaging with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that its legacy is preserved for future generations.

Hold a piece of forgotten royalty in your hands with "Regal Requiem" – a treasure that transcends time, blending the allure of pure silver with the echoes of an imperial past. Secure your slice of history today, and let the silent whispers of antiquity resonate through your collection.


*due to the nature of closed cast items. the weight will fluctuate slightly. this means sometimes weight can be slightly higher or slightly lower depending on each individual cast

Additional information

Weight 3.25 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 × .25 in


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