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The Campaign Trail

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set includes

(1) 2 troy ounce

  • 999 fine silver
  • antiqued finish

(1) .50 troy ounce

  • 999 fine silver
  • proof finish

250 set mintage



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In the depths of the city's shadows, two names reverberated like a war cry: Bryan Barfknecht and Steven Lund. Their story, an embodiment of fearlessness, began in the murk of the sewers, where dreams were supposed to die. But these two were cut from a different cloth, one woven with ambition and unrelenting drive.
Amidst the filth and gloom, they birthed an underground movement that echoed with defiance. Bryan, with his sharp wit, and Steven, with his steely determination, became an unmatched duo. From their humble beginnings, they plotted a trajectory that soared far above the subterranean world they knew.
Strap yourself in for a journey that spans from the grimey sewers to world domination as we start "The Campaign Trail." Unite with the leaders of the underground party, Bryan Barfknecht and Steven Lund, as they challange their competitors head on!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .75 in


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