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The Empress

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100 grams

999 fine silver

antiqued finish

hammered edges



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Introducing "The Empress" 100g 999 Fine Silver Bar – A Majestic Masterpiece in the Playing Card Series!


Behold the regal allure of "The Empress" – a breathtaking 100-gram silver bar crafted with precision and finesse, showcasing an original artwork that

exudes an aura of grandeur and elegance. As the second design in our coveted Playing Card Series, "The Empress" embodies the splendor of royalty and

the allure of her majesty, making it a captivating addition to any collection.


"The Empress" is not just a silver bar; it is a mesmerizing canvas of art. Its design captures the essence of an empowered empress, wearing a crown adorned

with delicate engravings. Her enigmatic gaze, the epitome of grace and authority, beckons you to marvel at the intricate detailing that brings the

entire scene to life.


We take pride in using only the finest 999 purity silver to create "The Empress." Each bar is carefully minted, ensuring a finish that reflects the

brilliance of the precious metal. We antique the bar to highlight all the details within the artwork. Limited Edition: "The Empress" silver bar

is a testament to exclusivity.


each piece comes with a unique serial number, adding an extra layer of individuality and assurance of authenticity. Owning this exquisite masterpiece

means becoming part of an elite group with a shared passion for both art and precious metals.


Whether you choose to display "The Empress" in an artful arrangement or safeguard it within a secure vault, its compact dimensions and sleek design

make it a versatile addition to any collection.


"The Empress" silver bar is not just an item of great beauty; it's also an ideal gift for those who appreciate art, history, and precious metals. Its dual

appeal as a collectible and investment-grade silver bar ensures its enduring value for generations to come.


Elevate your collection with "The Empress" 100g 999 Fine Silver Bar – a true masterpiece that merges artistry and precious metals. Don't miss this

exclusive opportunity to own a piece of history in the Playing Card Series. Embrace the allure of royalty and add a touch of majesty to your

portfolio today!


Qty available does not reflect remaining mintage

Additional information

Weight 3.50 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 2.5 × .25 in

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  1. shrekylou (verified owner)

    Royalty at its best!

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