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Year of the Rabbit Set


3 bar set includes:

  • proof (mintage:100)
  • antiqued (mintage: 100)
  • reverse proof (mintage 250)

1 troy ounce each

999 fine silver

matching serials


*3 set limit per order

Out of stock



In a scenic village surrounded by lush landscapes and cherry blossom trees, anticipation filled the air for the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. The charming streets were adorned with lanterns, and the fragrance of festive delicacies wafted through the atmosphere. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants, an unexpected and mysterious event loomed, threatening to cast a shadow over the upcoming celebrations.

Known for her kindness and love for animals, a resident had a cherished collection of pet rabbits that brought comfort and joy. She cared for them with great affection, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

As the Lunar New Year drew near, an ominous virus silently infiltrated the village, affecting the beloved rabbits. Initially subtle, the infection caused the rabbits to exhibit strange behavior. Their once-playful hops turned erratic, and an unnatural intensity glowed in their eyes.

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the resident sensed something was wrong with her once-gentle companions. They appeared agitated, fur standing on end, and their eyes radiating an unsettling crimson glow. Unaware of the imminent danger, she attempted to soothe her rabbits, but they turned aggressive.

The virus had transformed the cherished companions into rabid creatures. As the clock struck midnight to herald the Year of the Rabbit, chaos erupted in the home. The infected rabbits, driven by a feral instinct, launched frenzied attacks.

Terrified and heartbroken, the resident struggled to defend herself against the once-lovable creatures that had become relentless aggressors. The peaceful Lunar New Year celebration had morphed into a nightmarish scene as the virus spread through the village, turning other rabbits into rabid creatures.

The villagers, oblivious to the impending danger, found themselves caught off guard as their adorable pets transformed into ferocious attackers. Laughter and joy were replaced by the screams of frightened residents. The once-vibrant celebration had transformed into a battle for survival, and the village faced an unprecedented challenge in this infected Lunar Year of the Rabbit.

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Weight 3.50 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × .25 in


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